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— facing facts !

Self treatment for your head noises

At this moment there are no quick fixes, magic medicines or ‘commercial’ cures


So, come on, give it your best shot! Save your money and use established methods that can bring lasting relief from tinnitus if you – repeat - YOU are prepared to self-treat very simply!. Whatever medical treatments are evolved for head noises — what you do for yourself will still be a necessary part of any treatmen

EMAIL US FOR OUR HELPLINE NUMBER OR TO REQUEST CDs/DVD : hulltinnitusgroup@outlook.com

SELF-TREATMENT : Our highly regarded 'Seashore Sounds' CD can bring great relief!

"If I had known this earlier........ it would have saved a lot of grief"

"I am most grateful for your help. No one knows, only those of us affected, the effect it has day and night."

"You told me once I would be happy again — and I am!!!"

They overcame severe tinnitus and so can YOU.

If you need some help you can talk to someone who has overcame tinnitus at your nearest tinnitus selfhelp group or contact HUSH or BTA or RNID tinnitus helplines. So, if you need to talk don't waste time — email for our telephone number.
We do know — and we care about you !! Read on. Why not Email for our telephone number?

Self-treatment or ‘self-help’ is based on understanding the significance and value of learning a simple stress relieving routine (a relaxing routine) and realising the theory, method and value of retraining your hearing system.
Which of your muscles, nerves or other body parts are often tense without your realising it? Your hands? Mouth? Tummy? Shoulders? Neck? Are you frowning, clenching, hunching?

Breath deeply into your body - slow down your thinking. All tension puts your hearing system on the alert — more tense — overstressed. Just the condition for distressing tinnitus. Action needed — find the tension – relieve the stress! It will improve your general outlook and health too! When your body relaxes your hearing system relaxes.

Your agile brain (as good as ever!) is looking for any sound, external or internal. Perhaps your microphones (ears) are slightly down. External silence exaggerates the internal noises so occupy your system for some of the time, with an undemanding sound. A sound without a pattern.

Action is helpful — a walk on the beach (for example) will give you a friendly undemanding sound and, after a while, it becomes a background and you won’t hear it. Your automatic brain and hearing systems have learnt not to listen to that pleasant sound — although you know it’s there! That’s the basis of retraining! (HUSH,RNID & BTA provide CDs etc)

Looking after your health sensibly gives your a better chance by being as fit as possible; eat properly and regularly, breath healthily and get enough daylight and fresh air exercise. Try to make happy contacts with other people. Self-treatment cannot be done for you or to you but, if you try. it can be done by you!

It helps to discuss this subject with others who think positively and are dedicated to helping you. Seek out and support your nearest group. To avoid nuisance calls we ask you to email for our helpline telephone number. It only costs your standard call and we’ll call back if needed. A personal chat beats print any day! Remember 50% of 'feeling unhappy or depressed' can be reduced just by talking to someone who understands! Investigate your library, church, local U3A and other activities — get out and about!

Your local clinic and tinnitus people may need lay support.
The good people in your local NHS audiology and ENT depts do their utmost for tinnitus people within their time and budget using habituation therapy, clinical skill and an understanding of the problem. But they are hard-pressed and treating tinnitus patients is a difficult and time consuming job. When you are 'up to speed' again and feeling positive, you can add your bit to bring comfort to others too! Even start a group? Support clinicians? Unfortunately most elderly tinnitus people have no computer access so please help them.
NB. We are a small voluntary not-for-profit charity no 1051557. supported by your donations bequests etc. We supply HUSH leaflets, CDs & DVDs to many clinics but we are not connected with any commercial interest. Remember there isn't a pill for everything and you may be 'unhappy' without needing 'antidepressants'!

Tinnitus Explained, Hull, East Yorks, UK. E-mail: hulltinnitusgroup@outlook.com
This web site is not a substitute for or alternative to qualified medical advice. A qualified medical advisor should always be consulted on any health problem.
Be very suspicious of expensive so called cures and equipment and refer them to your doctor.

hush is an entirely voluntary registered charity in the UK no. 1051557. 

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